Ungewöhnliche Tierfreundschaften


löwe und kitz


The horse is small enough to ride the dog. What is this, opposite land? Is that why I suddenly have this wedding ring?

It’s like they said in the Wizard of Oz.

„Tigers snuggling bears, oh my!“
Antlers AND cuddly apes? No fair, deer. You can’t have TWO awesome head accessories.

I knew it! Bambi was a prophecy.

Keep your mom away from meadows, little guy.

When I was a little kid I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a marine biologist or a veterinarian.

This picture just blew past-me’s mind.

Talk about a cuteness stampede.

BRB, I got so excited I need to change my trunks.
Koko the gorilla is famous for speaking sign language, and for being one of the first non-humans to have a pet (no surprise, a cat). Awwww-mazing!

A tiger that takes care of piggies like a mother.

That’ll do, tiger. That’ll do.
Forget about birds of a feather.

Long necks of a feather nuzzle heads together.

Sing along, everybody!

Caaaaan you feeeeeeeel the (interspecies) love tonighttttt?

True friendship is smiling while your best friend butchers one of your favorite songs. Ah, „Baby It’s Cold Outside“ never sounded so shrill, and this polar bear couldn’t be more grateful.
„OK, we’re going to play Jurassic Park again. And yes, I’m going to be the terrifying T-Rex.“
„I’m telling you guys, we can absolutely cross that road. Just don’t ask any questions and follow my lead.“
„Hoot are you looking at? Huh?!“
Gruß an die Natur

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